Corporate Packages


These packages are best suited for companies and organisations. Whether it is a new institution or a rock solid one, we have you sorted. Our services suit different types of corporate organisations both in the public and private sector. Whether it is a government office, institution of higher learning, and NGO, banking sector, workers’ association, church group or a young business that is still establishing itself, we will listen to your corporate needs and walk the road with you. We provide conferencing and seminar services as well as safari options for the team. End of year meetings, incentive travel and exhibitions are part of our area of operation. Some of the services include:

Team building
We offer an amazing array of activities for teams that are out to create understanding, synergy, rejuvenation, motivation and cohesion among their members. This can be a group of classmates, colleagues, church members, youth groups, corporate organisation or even friends. We go out of the way to ensure that the team building experiences include a lot of fun activities that have valuable lessons for the groups to carry home with them.

Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Seminars
It is that time of the year: the company’s annual meeting is up in a few weeks’ time, there are lots of deadlines to meet, reports to submit, and a meeting to plan. What do you do? All these things are of high priority and they have to be achieved. What do you do?

Call Heels and Valise Tours. We will plan for you the meeting, get a venue, contact the expected attendee, book accommodation facilities if necessary and include some fun twist to the meeting. Be it a meeting, conference, seminar or incentive travel for the company, we will handle that, and give you an opportunity to grow your organisation. No matter the number of expected participants, time of the year or location, we will make your corporate events a success.


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