For a while now, we have interacted with different people who feel more comfortable travelling with people with whom they share a specific interest. Group adventures that tickle their interest bone will motivate them to travel, anytime. As a result of that, we have decided to give you as our client a chance to design your own safari. Of course we will guide you on the realistic possibilities but also let you create your dream safari.

In addition to that, we have some pre-packaged group tours for a group that might need to make last-minute travel arrangements. Some of the special group packages that one can book with us include:

  • Environmental Conservationists Safaris
  • Dating Couples Safaris
  • Athletes Safaris
  • Business Entrepreneurs Safaris
  • Government Officials Safaris
  • Students Tours
  • Golden Ager Expeditions, among others

Special Group Packages on Offer

The Special Group Tours that we have at the moment include:

  • Student City Tours
  • Community Service at Kibera

More information about this can be found at the Kenyan Tours and Safaris section under Nairobi City Tours and Community Service at Kibera sections.

Feel free to get in touch with us and ask for your special group adventure in Kenya or book now online.