Exciting Weekend Getaway to Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways are a favorite among Kenyan and international tourists.

Last weekend’s getaway to Maasai Mara was off the charts!

The  adventure started with picking up our guests at 7AM from their hotel in Nairobi (of course we can’t tell you the exact location :)). After quick hellos and how are you doings, we were all set for an exciting, five-hour road trip.

Our first stop on this Maasai Mara weekend getaway was at the Rift Valley View Point for the breathtaking view of the Great Rift Valley. The Great Rift Valley is a deep ridge that runs through from northern Kenya all the way to the South.


After taking in as much as we could and snapping lots of pictures, we drove on to Maasai Mara National Park.  Leaving Nairobi early was an excellent idea because we arrived at Mara Chui Resort right in time for piping hot lunch paired with  choice refreshingly cold water and juice. 

With full stomachs, we were ready to head out to an exciting, afternoon game drive.

Maasai Mara Weekend Getaway

Being on a safari is exciting. More exciting is finding other tour vans at the national park! This means that it is peak season and the chances of seeing all the big five are twice the number of vans out there. So, with these many vans, we were sure 28 times sure that our guests would get to see all the famous animals of the Mara.

Maasai Mara Weekend Gateaway: Some Of The Animals We Saw

Maasai Mara Weekend Getaway: Maasai Village

Our next stop was a Maasai Village. The Maasai people are some of the most fascinating tribes in Kenya: fiercely brave warriors while gentle and welcoming, in touch with the current trends and global culture while very loyal and true to their own culture, they are at ease in suits and even more at ease in their colorful, traditional garb. 

maasai mara weekend getaway
maasai mara weekend getaway

After an exciting safari drive and visit to the Maasai Village, we are ready go back to go to our cozy lodge at the Mara Chui Resort in anticipation of an even more exciting day 2 of our adventure! We went on an early morning safari just when the elephants were starting to stir while monkeys chattered excitedly in anticipation of the a new dawn.

Then, we had a wonderful continental breakfast before starting our journey back to reality and the hustle and bustle of Nairobi city.

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